Custom Imaged Ceramic Tile

Photos on Ceramic Tile
What a novel way to present and preserve a favorite photo, childs drawing, diploma or ???

Want a guaranteed, one of a kind gift for a parent or grandparent?
Sit a child down with an unlined piece of paper and a package of crayons and let them design
a Christmas present this year. Scan the results and email them to us.
We will turn that drawing into a permanent and very unique decor piece.

We have ceramic tiles available in 6 x 8 and 8 x 10. Easel backs or hangers are included
We also carry 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 tumbled stone tile for more of an old world look.

Tumbled stone tile - $18
6" x 8" ceramic w/easel back or hanger - $22
8" x 10" ceramic w/easel back or hanger - $25

We can also produce one of a kind tile wall murals for backsplashes or tub surrounds.

Due to the very custom nature of our products we don't do online ordering.  Click here to email us about your order!